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Where can I find a 07701 Emergency Dentist?

Although dental emergencies can’t be foreseen, having a plan in place just in case you ever need a 07701 emergency dentist is a smart thing to do. At the office of Dr. Cyril Beard, our goal is to get patients with dental emergencies back on the road to oral health as soon as possible. Whether you find yourself experiencing a bad toothache, fractured a tooth, or are having an issue with erupting or impacted wisdom teeth, at the office of Dr. Cyril Beard and his experienced and compassionate office team are well equipped to address your urgent dental needs.

07701 Emergency Dentist

In many cases, a bad toothache is the result of a deep cavity. When left untreated, dental decay compromises more and more healthy tooth structure, eventually reaching the inner nerve tissue of the tooth. As the damage to a tooth continues to progress, the symptoms of sensitivity, pain and discomfort with biting down or chewing worsen. Once decay has irreversibly damaged or reached the inside nerve of the tooth, your 07701 emergency dentist may recommend a root canal procedure as the best way to save your tooth. The decision about whether or not to save a tooth with a root canal procedure or recommending an extraction depends upon there being enough healthy tooth structure and bone support remaining to successfully restore and support the tooth. Today, root canal procedures are routine and relatively comfortable procedures, performed over 40 thousand times every day. Removing the irreversibly infected inner nerve of the tooth, and disinfecting the area, an inert, biocompatible filling material is inserted to seal the tooth and prevent reinfection. After sealing the tooth, a restoration—usually a crown or filling depending on the extent of the damage—is placed to restore the appearance and functional integrity of the tooth.

As your 07701 emergency dentist, Dr. Cyril Beard is skilled and experienced in all facets of care. To learn more about the comprehensive range of advanced services that our office provides, or to schedule an appointment for care, give us a call today.

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